How To Create Angular Project Step By Step In Visual Studio Code Angular 14

Start building your Angular CLI project from scratch with this detailed tutorial and initialize your project, leverage the powerful features of Angular CLI, and gain a solid foundation in Angular 14 development.

Creating a new Angular project is a simple process. The Angular CLI makes it easy to create and work with Angular projects. In this article, we will show you how to create a new Angular project using the Angular CLI.


We need to have these tools installed on your system to create development environment.

  1. Install Node
  2. Node Package Manager (npm)
  3. Install Visual Studio Code
  4. Install Angular CLI

Install Node

The Node.js organization has an official website that you can visit to download a setup file. If you want the latest version with all the latest features, click on the Version Current button. Either way, you will download a setup file with a .msi extension.

node -v

Node Package Manager (npm)

Node.js has an official package manager, npm, which is used for installing and managing package dependencies. Checking your version of npm and Node.js, To check the installed node.js and npm version, run the following commands:

npm -v

install Visual Studio Code

To get started, download Visual Studio Code for Windows from the Official Download Page and follow the below steps.

Go to the official Visual Studio Code download page. Click on the Windows/Mac download option. The file will begin downloading to your default download folder.

Install Angular CLI

Below is the command that will install the Typescript (if you have already installed, please ignore this command).

npm install -g typescript

If you are installing Angular CLI for the first time, then run the blow command. It will install the latest version.

npm install -g @angular/cli

You can check the version of Angular CLI and its packages with the command below:

ng version

How to create Angular project?

To create an Angular project, you can follow these steps.

  1. Open a command prompt or terminal window.
  2. Create a new Angular project by running the following command:
ng new project-name  // replace "project-name" with your peoject name
  1. Once the project is created, go to the project directory and run the following command:
cd project-name  
  1. Now you can start the Angular project by running the following command:
ng serve  
  1. Open web browser and Angular project will be available at http://localhost:4200/ in your web browser.

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Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully now you know How To Create Angular Project Step By Step In Visual Studio Code Angular 14.